~35,000 Watchmakers jobs lost by Anti-Competition and Monopolistic practices within the last few decades. Irrefutably not by lack of work.
 And unquestionable pattern covering the U.S.A.
Watchmakers jobs lost chart
It is important to note what is happening at certain dates:
In ~1950 they were ~50,000 watchmakers working.
Then from 1950 to ~1960 a drastic dropped to ~38,000.
Why did it then stopped?
It stopped because our then DOJ enforced our laws about anti-competition, monopoly by refusal to supply.

FTC of 2006 fined Rolex for: "Swiss watches and watch parts from engaging in anticompetitive practices in the U.S. watch industry".
However few month later the 2006 FTC stopped the consent decree??? That was protecting the jobs of the watchmakers.

From 2006, I repeatedly informed our DOJ/FTC that a reoccurrence of the past 1960 case is happening.

Watchmakers are now nearly 3,000 working, anti-competition, monopolistic practices, anti-trust got their jobs suppressed and customers allocated to the Swiss cartel.
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